Messaging Platform with Audio and Video Call

Currently developing a custom messaging platform with audio and video calling features to interact with operators and machines at mine site. Yet to be used for automation.

Technologies used are Socket.io, WebRTC, Vue.JS, Python, HTML5, CSS3

Longwall Visualisation

Saved €50,000 per day penalty by completing on time. Rearchitect the existing web-based visualization system for mining site from Node.js to Python service-based application using few design patterns. Lead my team to finish this time critical project.

Technologies used are Python, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and Ajax

Control Computer Games With Palm Using Computer-Vision

Developed a system to control the computer games using a web camera. Palm images are used to extract the HOG features. Then SVM is used to train those features. If palm is found in the boxes,appropriate command was sent to game using pyautogui.
Technologies used are Python, OpenCV, Scikit-learn
Git-hub link
Linked-in article

Zomato India Data Analysis From 0.23 Million Restaurant Data

An end to end data visualization/analysis project, right from data collecting. I Scrapped 0.23 million restaurant data from Zomato website and performed data analysis and visualization.
Technologies used are Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, Selenium, Beautiful soup
Git-hub link
Kaggle link

Bigdata Analysis (LPDDR4 Benchmarking) - Micron

Developed Bigdata analysis / visualization tool using for memory manufacturer Micron. Helped to co-ordinate the team to understand requirements regarding LPDDR4. Responsible for ETL operation of more than hundred GB csv files (dump of data in and out of LPDDR4) to parquet files and visualize the result in an interactive webpage.
Technologies used are Python, Spark, Flask, JavaScript,Ajax and Plotly.js.

Smart Agriculture System - POC

Developed smart Agriculture system which captures the images of the plant. Also find humidity, soil moisture using sensors using Raspberry-pi. Send the information and image to the remote computer using socket connection. Find the type of plant by using Convolutional Neural Networks and send the signal to raspberry-pi to turn on the motor.

Technologies used are Python, OpenCV, Tensorflow, Flask

Linux Support Engineer - Alcatel Lucent

Worked for customizing Linux (CentOS) for PBX product. Worked on protocols like SSH, SSL. Customized a DNS package using C. Worked on automating various production tasks using Python scripting.

Technologies used are Python, C and Linux.

Prescription Analysis - Thomas Innovation Services

Fetch the details from the prescription such as patient name, age, doctor name, clinic name and address, medicine name using computer vision technique. Analyze the data to find which medicine is preferred high based on age and area.
My role& contribution:
● Developed character recognition engine using MNIST dataset
● Worked in text identification in image module

Technologies used are C#, Python, OpenCV

Web/Application Development - As A College Student

Developed a windows application to maintain a library and its users an books at my college. Created an application to conduct technical event in college symposium. Created website for my college.

Technologies used are C#, Asp.Net, HTML, CSS , JavaScript .

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