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Developed a system to control cars in computer games using Computer vision with your palm . Completed Vellingiri trekking for 4th conscecutive time. Developing a custom messaging platform with audio and video calling features using Socket.io, WebRTC, Vue.JS and Python.


Worked for Caterpillar Client, for their time critical, visualisation and web application. Scrapped tons of data from Zomato website and performed exploratory data analysis. Went to Meghalagya trip. Involved in activities like trekking, zipling, snorkelling, boating! Unforgettable five days.


Went to Goa for a 5 days trip. Involved in activities like para-sailing, swimming, hiking. Joined L&T Technology Services as an Engineer. Developed Bigdata analysis / visualization tool for a memory manufacturer. Responsible for ETL operation of more than hundred GB csv files.


Started learning, Machine learning and Deep learning. Done my first bike tour from Chennai to Munnar, an exicting five day long drive.


Joined Tata Consultancy Services as System Engineer-trainee. Got trained in .NET technology in which I has been already building websites and applications!
But mapped to a linux based project. Worked for Alcatel Lucent PBX which uses heavily modified linux kernel.


Graduated from Jawahar Engineering College. Developed website for a welfare trust! Joined Thomas Innovation services as trainee. Started to develop interest in Artificial Intelligence. Derived an algorithm to recognise letters and characters without machine learning techniques!


Started building website for my final year project and also derived an algorithm in steganography.


Developed an application for my college library to maintain the books in VB.NET. Developed an application in C#.NET for my college symposiyum.


Started learning .NET during my initial days of college. Started learning to develop websites.


Started to learn Engineering in Jawahar Engineering College and Information Technology as specilisation.


Started to learn programming in C and to design website in HTML. Yes only in HTML!



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